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The characteristic structure of the vacuum feeder improves production efficiency

2019-05-22 12:00:00

The characteristic structure of the vacuum feeder improves production efficiency


1. Reliable performance: The vacuum feeder has only a few moving parts, only the discharge bottom valve, vacuum pump and blowback control valve, no other moving parts, few maintenance parts, and reliable operation and practicality.

2. Simple and convenient: the vacuum feeder can be easily disassembled and installed. The equipment has no gaps or dead ends that are easy to accumulate materials, and the surface is easy for visual inspection.

3. Safe use: The entire conveying process is carried out in a closed system without any powder leakage; the operator does not have to endure heavy physical handling and enjoy a low-noise working environment.

4. Economy: faster and larger conveying capacity, while low energy consumption.

5. Stability: The vacuum feeder adopts advanced design structure to ensure long-term trouble-free operation.

6. Hygiene: reduce the dust in the workshop, prevent the generation of ground powder, prevent the dust in the storage tank, and the overflow of solvents, and improve the working environment of the workshop.

7. Efficiency: complete the high volume of transportation in a short time, improve work efficiency and create greater benefits for the company while reducing the labor intensity of employees

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