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Advanced structure design of vacuum feeder

2019-05-22 12:00:00

Advanced structure design of vacuum feeder


1. Material: 316L stainless steel and 304 stainless steel are optional, saving economic costs and ensuring product quality and service life.

2. Surface finish: both internal and external surfaces can be mirror polished

3. Vacuum source: A variety of vacuum sources are available, featuring low noise, light weight, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low maintenance.

4. Feeding method: The material enters the silo tangentially and fully contacts the metal wall to eliminate static electricity, facilitate discharging and increase safety.

5. Discharge bottom valve: the diameter of the bottom valve is enlarged, and the discharge is quick and quick; the rotary brake valve adopts a pneumatic control valve with stable performance

6. Back-blowing system: A back-blowing system is installed on the upper end of the gas-solid separator to clean quickly.

7. Control box: It is separated from the equipment and installed near the vacuum conveyor, which is convenient for the operator to operate, convenient, fast and safe. A sub-control box can also be installed at the suction point, and the equipment can be operated in both places to avoid employees. Running around when operating the equipment.

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