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Where is the application advantage of the central feeding system

2019-05-22 12:00:00

1. The raw material processing advantages of the central feeding system:

1. Establish a rapid selection station for raw materials to improve production efficiency.

2. Flexible production mode suitable for a variety of raw materials, flexible conversion.

3. Centralized dehumidification and drying of raw materials can save electricity and shorten the drying time.

4. A dedicated person is responsible for the management of raw materials, reducing waste and reducing production costs.

5. Improve raw material production capacity and yield, and guarantee quality.

2. The construction and use advantages of the central feeding system:


1. The whole plant is automatically designed to completely separate the raw materials and drying barrels from the site to save space.

2. The on-site working environment is clean and beautiful, with no heat source, which improves environmental quality and reduces personnel turnover.

3. Establish the image of a modern factory, enhance the customer's impression of inspection, and increase orders.

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