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Automatic batching machine system

2019-05-22 12:00:00

Automatic batching machine system workflow:


1. More than 8 storage bins can be designed in the system. The storage bin has a volume of 150L (adjustable in size), and the storage bins are arranged in two rows. The material in the storage bin is added by crane lifting;

2. Move the batching truck to each silo in turn to receive the materials. The materials in the silo are fed into the batching truck through the feeding mechanism. The batching truck is equipped with a weighing device. When all the materials in the formula are weighed,

3. The various materials needed are added sequentially. After all the materials are weighed, the batching trolley will automatically run to the entrance of the mixer, put the prepared materials into the mixer, and start mixing;

4. This system is designed for automatic operation and control. After selecting the relevant formula number, the operator only needs to press the "Start" and "Discharge" buttons, and the batching system can automatically control the weighing batching system according to the set formula and the corresponding feeding mechanism to input materials into the batching truck to complete automatic batching .

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