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Working principle of vacuum feeder

2020-10-10 10:07:39

Working principle of vacuum feeder products


1. Through the compression of air to form a vacuum to drive the transportation of materials, a variety of air sources can be used to generate vacuum

2. When the discharge bottom valve of the feeder is closed, more vacuum can be generated as the storage pipelines of the feeder are closed;

3. Under the action of vacuum, the material can be sucked into the vacuum tank from the position of the suction port through the pipes of the loader accessories;

4. After passing through the filter system, the gas is separated from the powder we need to transport;

5. When the feeder transports powder, compressed air fills the blowback airbag;

6. When the vacuum pump stops running, the discharge end of the valve needs to be opened, and the material falls into the discharge position, the compressed air blowback airbag will automatically clean the powder particles; when the vacuum feeder works again, it starts a new-wheel cycle In the whole conveying process, the time of sucking in the material and the time of discharging are controlled by electric controller or pneumatic

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