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The characteristics of the central feeding system have the above points

2020-10-14 10:43:45

1. The central feeding system is efficient: the central feeding system can automatically supply a variety of raw materials to any injection molding processing equipment in multiple chambers, which can include drying treatment of raw materials, color matching treatment, and proportional use of crushed recycled materials , Can implement a high degree of automatic control, monitoring, etc., and can meet the production needs of 24 hours non-stop.


2. Energy saving: The central feeding system is easy to operate, and only a few people are needed to control the feeding demand of the entire injection molding plant, thereby reducing a lot of labor costs. Secondly, the raw material belt and the corresponding auxiliary equipment beside the injection molding machine are reduced, and the space utilization rate is improved. In addition, due to the central feeding method, a lot of stand-alone equipment is correspondingly reduced, which also saves power and reduces maintenance costs.

3. Personalization: The central feeding system can meet different users, different workshop characteristics, and different raw material usage requirements. Can design more optimized schemes according to actual needs.

4. Modern factory image: The central feeding system will reduce the pollution of raw materials and dust to the injection molding production to the lowest level, so as to maintain a clean production workshop. The central feeding system has a unique centralized dust recovery system that makes cleaning more convenient. The environmental protection effect is to meet the requirements of 100,000 clean room operation standards, and to reduce noise, and finally realize an unmanned automated production workshop, and establish the image of modern factory management.

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