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Centralized feeding system

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System introduction and composition of the central feeding system

2020-10-14 10:44:41

The central centralized feeding system adopts the centralized automatic control of the microcomputer to realize the continuous feeding operation of pellets for 24 hours. Multiple small microcomputers respectively control the coloring process of each molding machine, the measurement is accurate, the mixing is uniform, and the color can be flexibly changed to meet the requirements of multiple colors and varieties of products. According to the production capacity of different molding machines, the feeding amount can be flexibly changed. The design of multiple feed pipes can ensure the diversified requirements of the main materials. The system has a variety of monitoring and protection functions, and the work is safe and reliable. The aliases of the central feeding system are: centralized feeding system, automatic feeding system, etc.


Central console, cyclone dust collector, high-efficiency filter, fan, branch station, drying hopper, dehumidifier, material selection rack, micro-motion hopper, electric eye hopper, air shutoff valve, shutoff valv.

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