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What is an automatic batching system?

2020-10-14 11:53:10

Automatic batching system equipment is a batching system used in industrial production automation, usually by a computer with automatic batching algorithm software as its automatic batching control system. The automatic batching system can control multiple scales at the same time, with a variety of different materials or control output operation intuitive, clear, and automatic recovery function; powerful report function, can record and store a large number of various data and tabulation printing; good reliability; powerful alarm prompt function , Can reduce the rejection rate to a low level; equipped with online automatic monitoring software, through real-time online monitor, at any time monitoring important production information.


The automatic batching system can be used for automatic batching in metallurgical production lines, automatic batching in cement production lines, automatic batching in rubber production lines, automatic batching in mixing stations, and automatic batching in compound fertilizer production lines.

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