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What are the advantages of the automatic batching system?

2020-10-14 11:57:04

1: The automatic batching system equipment adopts programmable controller (PLC) as the core, which is small in size, high in accuracy and stable in performance.


2: The automatic batching system can simultaneously control multiple scales, a variety of different materials or control output (depending on the process)

3: Intelligent control of the batching time, no waiting between batching scales, shortening the batching cycle and improving the batching speed and output.

4: The WINXP system platform adopted by the automatic batching system runs faster and more stable, real-time dynamic production pictures, showing the production process, intuitive, clear, and automatic recovery functions.

5: The automatic batching system has a powerful report function, which can record and store various data in large quantities and make tabulations and prints. It can automatically compile batching reports after each production is completed, and provide the date, time, report number and actual consumption of each material, etc. Data: The report is extracted by manual PC query method, and the production end report is stored in the computer, which can be read unlimited times to ensure the correctness and completeness of the production report.

6: The operation is simple. The system has three production modes: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

7: PLC has strong data processing capability, fast and stable sampling rate, and the batching process can fully meet the process requirements.

8: The process of the automatic batching system can be set according to the user.

9: Reliability is good. The automatic batching system has two control schemes (touch screen and industrial computer scheme). When one of the external species is faulty, the other one immediately cuts into operation and does not affect production. The automatic batching system can prevent production failures. Out of control phenomenon.

10: The automatic batching system displays the production process in real time with graphics and text, which is convenient for operators.

11: The text file of the automatic batching system displays production reports, formula reports, etc. (multiple print contents can be selected by the user) powerful alarm prompt function, which can reduce the rejection rate to a low level

12: The uniformity of the automatic batching system. When each aggregate is discharged, the frequency converter is used to control the discharge speed so that the aggregates are discharged in the same time, which ensures the uniformity of the batching.

13: On-line automatic monitoring software for automatic batching system: The relationship between people and the production line changes from passive to active. Once there is an abnormal situation in production, the computer system will immediately send an alarm to the relevant personnel, take the initiative to remind the function, and through real-time online monitoring Monitors important production information at any time.

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