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How to test the service life of the central feeding system?

2020-10-14 02:49:06

1. According to the production requirements, fill the drying box with raw materials, and pay attention to filling them by sorting, not mixing or random loading.

2. Turn on the switch of the electronic eye of the machine to ensure smooth feeding and normal operation.


3. Turn on the circulating water of the dehumidifying rotary drying box to remove the moisture contained in the rotary hot air.

4. In accordance with the production requirements, insert the feeding tube of each machine on the central powder feeder and correspond to the relevant drying box to ensure the correct feeding.

5. Turn on the power of the drying box and set the raw material drying temperature.

6. Open the central feeding console, enter the operation page, and set the raw material operation parameters in order.

7. The manufacturer of the centralized feeding system checks the feeding motor to see if it can operate normally.

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