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What are the application advantages of pneumatic conveying system?

2020-10-14 02:52:48

1. A variety of process treatments can be realized. The pneumatic conveying system can simultaneously perform other process operations during the conveying process or at the conveying terminal, such as mixing, crushing, grading, drying, cooling, dust removal and other chemical reactions to improve production efficiency.

2. Wide application range. The application principle of pneumatic conveying equipment is very simple, and the conveying process is simple. It can convey a wide range of conveying operations, move flexibly and conveniently, can continuously feed and convey, and can be adapted to conveying various materials.


3. It can make full use of space and occupy a small area. Conveying machinery such as belt conveyors and screw conveyors are essentially conveying in one direction, while pneumatic conveying systems can convey materials up, down, or around obstacles such as buildings, and their conveying pipes can be higher or avoid other devices or The space occupied by the device.

4. It can reduce pollution and is environmentally friendly and clean. The pneumatic conveying system adopts a closed conveying method to avoid flying dust, which can ensure that the materials are not polluted by any dust, improve the sanitary conditions of the workshop, and are beneficial to environmental protection.

5. The automatic feeding system company can reduce equipment costs and facilitate maintenance. The pneumatic conveying system has simple equipment, fewer moving parts, less material damage and less equipment wear, which can save energy, convenient maintenance and easy automation.

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