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The history of the mixer

2020-10-26 05:12:39

At present, most of my country's mixing machine industry is small and medium-sized enterprises. The good and the bad are mixed. There are less than 10 companies with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. Even compared with other domestic machinery industries, there is still a big gap in terms of equipment and technology. There are few units that independently research and develop high-end products, and they lack new products with independent intellectual property rights. They need to absorb foreign refinements and develop innovative products.

The mixer is widely used in various fields of national economy and people's livelihood. Due to the requirements of various working conditions, its variety is huge. my country's mixer manufacturing industry is very large, with thousands of mixer manufacturers spreading all over the country. At present, my country has become one of the countries with large global mixer output and market demand.


In major projects such as large-scale petrochemical, nuclear power, oil and gas pipelines and other major projects, the supporting mixers are currently mainly imported. At present, mixer companies attach great importance to the development of new products. It should be noted that, although my country's mixer industry has developed to today, although there is still a gap with the international advanced level, it has surpassed the stage of simply copying and absorbing. To seek a technical approach for further development, while analyzing and learning from foreign advanced products, we should comprehensively analyze and think about the development trend of mixer technology and product development from a deeper level, and strive to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights. .

The mixing part of the small mixer is a through-shaft single paddle, and the blade angle design on the single paddle is extremely reasonable and ingenious. When the single paddle rotates, the material rolls up and down, and the paddle passes through the material to produce a certain angle of pushing to the left and right sides of the mixing tank. The force makes it impossible for the materials in any corner of the mixing tank to be static, so that the materials are evenly mixed. This machine adopts the sealing method of end face sealing, adjusting sealing nut, and compensating axial pressure. This method has proved to be effective after long-term practice.

Three-dimensional mixer: The cylinder of the mixer is driven by the active shaft to perform complex movements such as translation, rotation and tumbling repeatedly, which promotes the three-way compound movement of the materials along the simplified form, thereby realizing the mutual flow of multiple materials , Diffusion, accumulation, doping. In order to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. Product Uses The mixing barrel of this machine moves in multiple directions, the material has no centrifugal force, no specific gravity segregation, layering, and accumulation. The weight ratio of each component can be very different, and the mixing rate is more than 80%. Ideal product.

V-type mixer: The V-type mixer can be used for uniform mixing of dry powdery or granular materials with good fluidity, and does not produce dissolution, volatilization or deterioration of materials during the mixing process. This machine has a reasonable design, higher mixing efficiency and simpler operation than general mixers. The mixing cylinder has unique structure, high mixing efficiency, no dead corners, the cylinder body is made of stainless steel, the inner and outer walls are polished, the appearance is beautiful, the mixing is uniform, and it has a wide range of uses. It meets GMP standards. It can also be equipped with a compulsory agitator according to customer requirements, which is suitable for mixing finer powders and lumps with a certain amount of moisture.

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