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What are the reasons that affect the drying effect of the dryer?

2020-10-26 05:34:10

1. Drying temperature: heat is the connection point that opens the force between water molecules and hygroscopic polymer. When the temperature is higher than a certain temperature, the attractive force between the water molecules and the polymer chains will decrease, and the water vapor will naturally be taken away by the dry air.

2. Dew point: In the dryer, it is necessary to dehumidify first, so that the air contains a very low dew point of residual moisture. Then heat the air to reduce its relative humidity. At this time, the vapor pressure of dry air is low. By heating, the water molecules inside the particles get rid of the binding force and diffuse to the air around the particles.


3. Time: It takes a certain amount of time in the air around the particles because of heat absorption and the diffusion of water molecules to the surface of the particles. Therefore, the resin supplier needs to carefully explain the time it takes for this material to be effectively dried at the appropriate temperature and dew point.

4. Air flow: First, the heat of the dry hot air is transferred to the particles in the drying silo, and then the moisture on the surface of the particles is removed, and then the moisture is sent back to the dryer. Therefore, during this process, there must be enough airflow to heat the resin to a dry temperature and maintain the temperature for a certain period of time.

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