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What needs to be done after plastic machinery is put into production and use?

2020-10-26 05:37:12

After the plastic machinery and equipment are put into production and use, the compounding system works under normal conditions for one year. The parts (generally vulnerable parts) that need to be repaired and replaced in the compounding system are: sealing rubber ring, gasket, coupling The elastic rubber ring, chain (small size), v-belt, timing belt, resistance heater, and unreasonable assembly or low-quality bearings and other parts. In addition, the lubricating oil (oil used in the gear reducer or grease for rolling bearings) should be replaced after the new equipment has been in operation for one month.

Special circumstances in the work of plastic machinery (such as falling into hard metal blocks in rotating parts; failure of temperature control, low plasticization temperature of raw materials, sudden increase of equipment work load, etc.), causing accidents, such as: transmission shaft deformation, transmission Key rolling deformation, gear broken teeth, motor coil burnout, screw breakage, friction scratches (grooves) on the screw or barrel working surface, and indentations (pits) on the working surface of the calender roll, etc.


After plastic machinery has been working under normal conditions for 3 to 4 years, the mechanical parts that need to be repaired or replaced are: v belt wheels, coupling pins, transmission gears, sprockets, bearings, agitators, various control valves, motors, Calender rolls, screws and barrels, etc.

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