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Automatic feeding system is an important part of injection molding workshop

2020-11-04 10:28:06

With the rapid economic development, the role of the injection molding workshop is becoming more and more important. Many products are manufactured in the injection molding workshop. In order to keep the workshop clean and improve production efficiency, the central feeding system came into being. What are the main functions? Aspect?  

As an indispensable part of the injection molding workshop, the automatic feeding system can effectively solve the difficulty of feeding and automatic distribution ratio. It can automatically supply a variety of raw materials to any single machine for use, mainly including drying treatment of raw materials, color matching treatment, and material recovery Material utilization can implement high-level monitoring and automatic control of the entire conveying process of raw materials, and can meet the production needs of 24 hours without stopping.

       The above is all the content shared by the automatic feeding system manufacturer Sammy Machinery.

      Senmei Rui Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of precision machinery supporting equipment for plastic molding. The company's products mainly include various chillers, dehumidification dryers, mold temperature controllers, suction machines, cold and heat exchangers, mixing mixers, crushing recovery machines, central feeding systems, etc.

    The goal of the centralized feeding system is to be an industry boutique. Let Samurai brand technology keep pace with the world! For the common goal, all people in Senmeirui are striving for it: backed by strong technical design and R&D capabilities, advanced production equipment, mature manufacturing experience, and strict quality inspection; with marketing as the leader, and actively exploring Expand the domestic and overseas markets, and have a vast domestic and overseas markets. With the continuous development and growth of overseas markets, Sumitomo's product sales network has been distributed to dozens of countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. The Samurai brand is being accepted and recognized by more and more customers and countries.


     In terms of corporate culture, Semry always adheres to the development philosophy of "survive by quality and development by reputation" and the management philosophy of "thinking about danger, innovation, pragmatism, and precision". Adhere to the people-oriented principle, provide employees with a relaxed working environment and comfortable accommodation environment, so that everyone has a sense of belonging; a large number of trainings are conducted every year to improve the overall quality, form a strong cohesion, and enhance the core competition of the company force. On the road of future development, Senmeirui will continue to adhere to the corporate tenet of "survive by quality and develop by reputation" and strive to provide customers with a full range of services. Where there is a demand for the product, the service of Semry will be there!


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