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What is the reason why the automatic feeding machine can not absorb the material, block the material and deliver the low volume?

2023-01-04 09:09:22

There are many reasons for the failure of the automatic feeding machine to absorb the material, blocking the material and low conveying capacity:

1. Poor material characteristics of automatic feeder

The material is easy to bond and bridge, with poor fluidity and hygroscopicity.

This requires designers to fully consider the scheme in combination with the characteristics of materials at the beginning of the design scheme.

2. The automatic feeder is replaced with new materials

When using the automatic feeding machine, we often encounter such problems, but in fact, the conveying height of the automatic feeding machine for two different materials is really different.

This is mainly because the pneumatic conveying materials have a great relationship with the stacking density, particle size and fluidity of the materials. For example, the greater the density of the materials, the greater the dust emission, and the different air volume and vacuum degree of the configured vacuum pump.

The selection of appropriate vacuum pump is mainly determined by the parameters of these powder materials: bulk density, fluidity, conveying distance, water content, suction form, etc.

3. Poor dust removal effect of automatic feeder

When the dust removal effect is poor, the dust on the surface of the filter element or filter rod is serious, resulting in a significant reduction in the delivery volume, which may directly block the material.

Cleaning of dust removal system: ultrasonic cleaning can be used if conditions permit, and air gun cleaning can be used if conditions permit.

4. The feeding capacity of the automatic feeding machine is unstable

A typical example of unstable material supply is the suction form of the material gun, because there are many human factors involved in the work process.

For detailed analysis, please refer to the advantages and defects analysis of the automatic feeding machine material gun

The feeding of the automatic feeding machine should be kept as stable as possible. We can optimize the structure of the feeder. The general feed includes suction nozzle, throat, rotary valve, horizontal feeder, air supply feeder, etc. If the feed exceeds the maximum conveying capacity of the system, the system will be blocked.

5. The automatic feeding machine stores too much material

Many models of automatic feeding machine need to store materials internally. When the material is full, then the material can be placed. When there is too much material in storage, the conveying volume will become smaller, or even blocked.

6. Excessive impurities in materials of automatic feeding machine

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