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Automatic feeding system: working principle of central feeding system control

2022-10-25 10:21:27

The control of the central feeding system can be basically divided into two parts: the control part and the execution part. The control of the central feeding system is the control part, while the arithmetic unit, memory and peripheral equipment are the executive parts compared with the centralized feeding control.

One connection between the centralized feeding control part and the executive part is through the control line. The control unit sends various control commands to the executive unit through the control line. Usually, this control command is called a microcommand, and the operation performed by the executive unit after receiving the microcommand is called a microoperation. Another connection between control components and execution components is feedback information. The executive part reflects the operation condition to the control part through the feedback line, so that the control part can issue a new micro-command according to the state of the executive part, which is also called "state test". Microoperation is a group of basic operations in the execution part.

The centralized feeding control is basically based on the feedback signal, and then the signal is processed to output a controllable signal. Feedback signal, processing signal, output signal.

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