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How to properly maintain the central feeding system

2022-12-20 09:49:20

How to properly maintain the central feeding system

1. Regularly remove mechanical equipment and electrical equipment;

2. Implement the responsibility system of key management methods and independent supervision responsibility system;

3. After cleaning the suction bin and barrel of the intermediate conveying equipment, assemble them in time;

4. Maintenance of stand-alone version in centralized central feeding system;

5. Regularly maintain the transmission pipeline, especially the vacuum solenoid valve and transmission pipeline for leakage;

6. Learn and train operators on time, especially new employees;

7. Clean and replace the intermediate filter device on time;

8. Create the maintenance file of the centralized material supply system and record the daily operation management;

9. The natural ventilation of the mold heater should be improved in the centralized feeding area.

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