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What is the noise caused by the centralized feeding system?

2022-12-09 09:41:58

What is the noise caused by the centralized feeding system?

1. Generally speaking, if there is a lack of gear oil in the oil tank of the centralized supply system, the gas will enter the gasoline pump or oil filter, causing the hydraulic oil to bubble, discharge the blades, and generate noise. At this time, we need to check whether the remaining oil is sufficient. If it is insufficient, add it to prevent gas from entering. 2. The viscosity of gear oil is too high, which leads to the restriction of fluidity and increases the friction resistance. The gear oil suitable for the feeding system must be replaced. 3. The failure of the gasoline pump or motor and the damage of the rolling bearing or blade will cause the coaxiality deviation of the coupling and generate noise. The coaxiality must be re-planned or good parts replaced. 4. The centralized supply management system can work, but the directional valve fails to respond, such as valve core damage, air leakage, etc. The burr is blocked. Due to lack of current, relay failure may cause noise. The valve core should be regularly checked and cleaned to ensure that it is clean and free from blockage. Damaged parts should be replaced in time, and the normal supply of current should also be guaranteed. 5. The mechanical bearing is damaged or the mechanical equipment is lack of lubricating grease or the parts are loose, resulting in friction noise during operation. It is necessary to tighten or replace parts and add necessary lubricating grease.

What are the characteristics of centralized feeding system equipment?

At present, the quality of machinery and equipment in the centralized supply system on the market is uneven, and many foreign manufacturing enterprises have also participated in this sales market. Counterfeit and inferior products constitute the development trend of bad competition and seriously affect the market of centralized supply system. It has caused great damage to the companies that use powder equipment. How to select high-quality and high-performance centralized feeding system has become a problem that equipment operators must pay attention to. The following is a brief introduction of how to select a centralized feeding system with excellent performance, which is expected to help you: 1. Safety: all feeding processes are carried out in a closed system without any powder leakage; Operators do not need to bear heavy physical transport and enjoy a low-noise working atmosphere. 2. Reliability: The mechanical equipment of the centralized feeding system has only a few fitness parts and only the bottom valve of the feeding pump. The mechanical pump has no fitness parts. Therefore, there are few requirements for maintenance and parts, and it has great practical operation stability. 3. Economic development: rapidly improve the feeding level, and at the same time, the energy consumption is low. The application of mechanical equipment of "centralized supply system" can greatly reduce energy consumption.

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