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Do you know the built-in features of the central feeding system?

2022-12-07 07:40:23

Central console features:

1. Adopt PLC and large 10.4 inch color human-computer interface touch panel, which is easy to understand and easy to operate;

2. Color-color written display of various settings, operation and operation conditions;

3. It has the functions of material pipe evacuation and pigging, automatic washing and dust collection central feeding host A and B alternating and automatic switching, and manual material selection and error prevention;

4. Add a raw material control screen to monitor the raw materials used by each molding machine, suction, material shortage and various abnormalities of the central host (motor).

Features of central feeding host:

1. The motor is designed without stopping to avoid frequent starting of the motor and resulting in loss;

2. The safety relief valve is attached. When the movement pressure of the main machine is too high, the safety setting value is overloaded, and the relief valve automatically releases pressure to protect the motor;

3. The two main feeding machines A and B are alternated, and automatic switching valve design is provided to ensure the stability of raw material delivery.

Features of automatic reverse cyclone dust collector:

1. The air filter and cyclone dust collector are designed to collect dust efficiently with natural centrifugal force;

2. High pressure air storage tank can be attached to automatically clean the filter;

3. The dust collector is equipped with a shut-off valve, which can effectively move the dust of the dust collector without stopping the machine.

Features of fast feeding station (branch station):

The manifold station is composed of several branches, and the raw materials of the same manifold can be used by the injection molding machine. Each branch has a quick head press to ensure the air tightness; The system efficiency can be improved, and the refueling is convenient and fast.

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