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What are the advantages of automatic batching system?

2023-01-04 09:02:18

With the improvement of scientific research ability and the development of various modern technologies, the automatic batching system has also been further developed and improved. The automatic batching system adopts fully sealed, stainless steel equipment, and a configuration system combining weight-loss weighing, pneumatic conveying and batch quantitative feeding. For dozens of materials, according to the corresponding process formula, quickly select ingredients and transport.

It mainly includes the following aspects:

1、 Distributed: intelligent weighing and batching units are widely used, and the measurement and control functions of field units are gradually improved, forming a distributed structure system. The reliability of the system has been greatly improved. The computer has also got rid of the heavy measurement and control work, and put the key points on data processing and batching optimization.

2、 Intelligent: more new ideas and technologies are adopted in the system design, and the system functions are further improved. Information sharing with management information system and laboratory system can provide a variety of statistical data for management, and automatically optimize the proportion and quantity of ingredients to achieve intelligent ingredients.

3、 Reliability: the high integration and simplicity of the circuit greatly reduces the probability of system failure, reduces the amount of daily maintenance, and shortens the time of failure;

4、 High precision: the adoption of a series of high-precision systems, such as new sensors, scientific scale frame structure, high-precision AD conversion module, has effectively improved the overall measurement accuracy of the system;

With the continuous progress of society and the rapid development of industry, with the improvement of market competitiveness, the development of automatic batching system is also faced with opportunities and challenges. Under the cruel competition, if the powder metallurgy automatic batching system wants to achieve substantial development, it must improve itself. The effective way to gain competitiveness is to improve the system accuracy, reduce production costs, and achieve the dual improvement of quality and quantity. Increasing market research and developing new technologies has always been the goal of the industry.

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