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What are the components of the central feeding system?

2022-11-22 04:04:56

The central feeding system can realize different types of application customers, different types of production workshop characteristics and different types of raw material application regulations. They can design and formulate better control solutions according to specific needs.

Silica dense-phase conveying system software: for dense-phase multi-bin pump positive pressure conveying, the air compressor is generally used as the pneumatic valve, bin pump, high-pressure rotary valve, and screw pump as the feeding equipment. The raw materials fall into the feeding equipment from the hopper, and the high-pressure air is input into the conveying pipe to fully mix the air with the raw materials, so that the raw materials can be transported by air flow, and then enter the terminal feeding hopper through the high-pressure pneumatic conveying system. After the separation device is considered, The gas is discharged into the atmosphere. The system is applicable to multiple warehouse pumps that operate simultaneously or independently and are transported to one or several places;

Check the hydraulic seals, and remove the intercepting electric air valve and intercepting valve of the filtering device of the dust removal system. Local inspection of household appliances, etc., Check the incoming and outgoing conditions of the equipment of the confluence feeding system on time every month. For example, check the tightness of the pipe continuity device.

The application of automatic pig feeder is an inevitable condition for the development of pig industry. It is applicable to new pig farms, old pig farm reconstruction, automatic technology feeding system of pig farms, automatic fecal cleaning system, pig farm temperature control system, etc. This kind of automatic pig breeding increases human resources and makes breeding easier!

In order to ensure the control rate of facilities and equipment, one-sided maintenance is required. The normal operation of facilities and equipment and the one-sided maintenance of control holiday equipment cannot be separated from the normal maintenance and conditioning of facilities and equipment. Every year, the equipment of the confluence feeding system will be dismantled and replaced.

The injection molding workshop is an important unit of the manufacturing industry. Whether it is the automobile industry, mobile phones or diagnosis and treatment, the injection molding workshop should provide some plastic parts. In order to make the injection molding workshop clean, clean and automatic supply of raw materials, we have designed the mechanical equipment of the central feeding system to ease the difficulty of feeding and automatic proportion. Various raw materials can automatically provide multi-chamber random injection mold processing equipment operation, which can include the drying solution of raw materials, color solution, the application of proportional distribution of broken and recycled materials, and can achieve high detection and mechanical automation, It can also meet the need of 24-hour shutdown production. What are the components of the central feeding system?

For low viscosity thermal conductive gel sizing, relatively high feeding working pressure is required. We can customize non-standard products according to the requirements of enterprises.

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