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How to maintain the integrated supply system of the blow molding machine?

2022-12-21 23:22:23

Because the suction conveying equipment is in the suction link, the steam transported along the way is not easy to escape into the air, and is also suitable for transporting toxic substances or powder particle raw materials that are easy to damage the environment. Especially at the place suitable for the feeding point, it can be continuously fed and transported.

Zhangjiagang Senmeirui Machinery Co., Ltd. does not produce pneumatic conveying and automatic feeding system! But we are the distributor of the central feeding system and pneumatic conveying manufacturer! It is mainly supplied to manufacturers of pneumatic conveying and central feeding system: Roots centrifugal fan, Roots pump, ring centrifugal fan, fan, Shanghai Roots centrifugal fan manufacturer - immersed blower distributor - [Ruizhe Environmental Protection] and other facilities!

It can help manufacturing enterprises improve their automation level! More and more companies are actively purchasing the centralized supply system of plastic expansion blow molding machines. The centralized supply system of blow molding machines has added many benefits to the field of oak and plastic products! Reduce costs, improve corporate image and improve product quality. The core of scientific research is not only to improve the speed ratio of machines, but also to update the single-line production mode of machines and equipment, further improve the working efficiency of machines and equipment, keep the facilities faster, more effective and more automated, and then carry out industrial development, production and comprehensive promotion.

Dilute phase negative pressure conveying system: Roots mechanical pump is generally used as pneumatic valve, and vacuum suction cup is used as feeding equipment. Raw materials and air enter the delivery pipe from the channel. According to the negative pressure pneumatic conveying system to the tail hopper, the steam enters the Roots mechanical pump and is discharged into the atmosphere due to the excessive concern of the material and gas separation device. The system is suitable for difficult mechanical conditions;

The central feeding system, also known as the centralized feeding system, refers to the feeding and storage of raw materials through the design scheme according to the pipeline of the pneumatic conveying system, and the mutual connection. Under the unified management of the central electronic computer, the central feeding system cooperates with each other to complete the clean feeding, centralized feeding, one-to-one remote control, quantitative analysis and transportation of materials.

If it is human feeding, at least 2 people are needed to manage feeding. By assembling the automatic feeding system, the feeding task of two people can be replaced by the feeding system, which can also save a lot of human capital. From the current average income of pig farm workers, an animal keeper's salary is about 5000 yuan, which can save 60000 yuan a year.

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