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What are the components of the single suction machine in the central feeding system?

2022-12-21 23:22:33

Composition of single suction machine of central feeding system:

1. Motor: also known as vacuum generator, vacuum generator, negative pressure generator, high pressure fan, high voltage motor, suction blower. The motor power varies from 0.75kw to 30kw. The motor has different performance and vacuum degree.

2. Electrical control: control the operation of suction machine through contactor, PC board, thermal overload, phase reverser, alarm light, suction system, PLC and touch screen to realize automatic suction and 24-hour unmanned production.

3. Suction hopper: It is installed on the suction machine or molding machine and connected to the feed inlet and suction inlet through pipes to form a relatively closed container. In the middle, the filter separates the raw materials and air. The size of the hopper is determined by the suction volume, each suction volume, the number of fan starts, etc.

4. The filter of the central feeding system has two functions. First, filter the air. When the raw material is separated from the air, there will be more or less dust and particles. When air enters the fan and pipe, it will pollute the workshop ring and damage the ring machine to a certain extent. The second is the cyclone separation function of the central feeding system, which is used for powder, fine particles and small particles.

The central feeding system can continuously feed the molding machine for 24 hours. The central feeding system has a material alarm. For high flow, high power and high level suction, positive pressure conveying and negative pressure conveying can also be selected. The PLC technology is easy to operate. The central feeding system can also be equipped with cyclone dust filter and pulse filter. The drying barrel is installed separately, which is more suitable for centralized management of raw materials.

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