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How to operate and maintain the automatic feeding system correctly?

2022-12-21 23:22:43

The automatic feeding system has become the mainstream application equipment in modern pig farms. Its operation is very simple, and it also replaces a large number of manual labor. However, in order to ensure that the equipment can play a better application value, it is necessary to operate according to the instructions, maintain the feeding system, and how to maintain the feeding system under the premise of correct use of the feeding system.

1、 Operation method of automatic feeding system:

Before running the automatic feeding system, ensure the flatness of the feeding line, ensure the connection of the feeding tray is tight, and clean the garbage and foreign matters in the hopper. Secondly, confirm whether the power supply is connected normally, the automatic supply system is idling, and check whether its steering and terminal device are normal.

When the automatic feeding system is selected to be started manually, press the stop button after the feeding reaches the end of the feeding trough, and the equipment will stop working, and will not be started after the feed is used up; When selecting the automatic start equipment, adjust the control box button to the automatic position. After feeding to the end trough, the equipment will automatically stop. After the end trough is short of material for more than the specified time, the motor will automatically drive the feeding, so as to ensure sufficient feeding.

When the automatic power supply system is used again after a period of power failure, please check whether the power line is completely intact, and start idling to confirm that there is no problem before operation. How to maintain the automatic feeding system after daily use?

2、 The daily maintenance of the automatic feeding system is as follows:

1. Regularly train operators, especially new employees;

2. After cleaning the suction bucket and drying bucket, be sure to install

3. Make maintenance files and record daily operation and maintenance

4. Regular maintenance of single machine in the system

5. Regularly check the leakage of transmission pipeline, especially vacuum pipeline and compressed air pipeline

6. Clean or replace the automatic feeding central filter regularly

7. Equipment ventilation shall be improved in the centralized feeding system area.

The above are the correct operation and maintenance methods of the feeding system. The central feeding system reminds users that the voltage must be stable during daily power use. The factory is well ventilated, pay attention to the nutrient content of feed, and ensure the growth needs of livestock and poultry.

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