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What is the essential difference between vacuum feeder and screw feeder?

2022-12-21 23:22:53

What is the essential difference between the vacuum feeder machine and the screw feeder machine? The vacuum pump generates vacuum through the separator of the conveying equipment of the plastic vacuum feeder, and sucks the material from the feeding port into the automatic conveyor of the vacuum plastic vacuum feeder through the feeding hose and the suction port. The air and materials are separated in the filter bin of the separation container, and the materials are collected in the hopper.

When the hopper is filled with certain materials, the discharge valve of the automatic batching machine will automatically open, and the materials will flow out through the discharge port and directly fall into the storage container. When the discharge port is closed, the conveying process time of the whole vacuum feeder is adjusted according to the actual production volume. The feeding time of the vacuum feeder is 0~30 seconds, and it will be automatically restarted after 4 seconds of suspension. The conveying equipment of the vacuum vacuum feeder can directly transport materials from the bucket, hopper, container and other devices to the required position by pressing the start button.

Compact and lightweight, with simple installation, convenient operation, no leakage and no dust flying in the conveying process of automatic vacuum feeder. It is widely used for conveying powdery and granular materials in plastic industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc.

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