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How to select the centralized feeding system?

2023-01-04 09:04:54

With the development of industrial technology and the requirement of efficiency improvement, the molding machine also tends to be automated, intelligent and humanized, realizing the unmanned operation of the whole plant's feeding, saving a lot of manpower for the enterprise. Greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises and reduce the production cost of enterprises. Centralized feeding system is mainly divided into system and single machine. How to select the centralized feeding system or single machine conveying needs to consider factors and various conditions to evaluate which equipment is more suitable for production.

First of all, the centralized feeding system considers the production and use requirements, molding production process, product structure and processing performance. Secondly, the initial cost of the equipment, the floor area of the equipment, the energy consumption, the stability of use, the total operating cost of maintenance, and the time of fault maintenance. In the whole plastic production process, in addition to the common dehumidification, drying and feeding, many equipment are also needed. Every manufacturing enterprise hopes to select common equipment with low cost, high efficiency and stable use.


Next, Gao Si will introduce how to choose the central feeding system?

How to select a good device? In the process of plastic molding, how to reflect the difference between centralized conveying of plastic raw materials and single conveying?

1. The centralized feeding system is characterized by high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, cost saving, good stability, strong expansion function, improved production site environment, more user-friendly touch operation, and unified unmanned management.

2. The centralized feeding system is different from the site used by single machine. The raw materials are stored or stacked in a centralized manner, the dust is collected in a centralized manner, far away from the production and processing site, the working conditions near the main machine are significantly improved, the good and clean production environment in the workshop is improved, and the raw materials are not polluted. The single machine needs more places to place raw materials. The raw materials are placed in disorder, adding raw materials is easy to make mistakes, and dust cannot be collected in a centralized way.

3. If the plastic centralized supply needs dehumidification and drying, it is also centralized processing, which can ensure that the raw materials are not affected by moisture during transportation, and the overall electric power is low. The raw material delivery is closed, which can control the use of raw materials of the injection molding machine.

If air conditioning is used in the workshop, the heat of centralized treatment of the system will not be distributed to the workshop, so that the ambient temperature will not be affected. All dryers transported by a single machine can only be placed next to the main machine, and the heat is directly released to the workshop.

4. The centralized feeding system can realize the transportation of various raw materials. The processing raw materials shall be reasonably distributed according to the set type, and the raw materials shall be switched quickly. The single machine cannot choose the raw material switching transportation, and the single machine can only supply one-to-one.

5. The centralized console can control one vacuum pump and several vacuum pumps at the same time, and can monitor the external signals, working status and possible faults of the system in real time.

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