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What are the applications of centralized feeding system in the bottle blowing industry?

2023-01-16 10:15:42

What are the applications of centralized feeding system in the bottle blowing industry? With the development of industrial technology and the improvement of efficiency, the material supply of the molding machine also tends to be automated, intelligent and humanized, realizing the unmanned operation of the whole plant and saving a lot of manpower for the enterprise. Greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises and reduce the production costs of enterprises. The central feeding system is widely used in the bottle blowing industry. Let's take a look at the manufacturer of the central feeding system:

Centralized feeding system can reduce production, reduce energy consumption, improve product quality, improve workshop environment, and realize centralized management and closed transportation of raw materials. It is a good choice for enterprises in the competitive market.

When users select the centralized feeding system, the following items should be noted:

1. Considering the requirements of plastic production process on raw materials,

2. Mixed raw materials and drying treatment;

3. Raw material consumption and conveying distance;

4. Development planning and production requirements for the next few years,

5. In line with the principle of practical economic stability,

6. Select professional manufacturers.

The above describes the application of the centralized feeding system in the bottle blowing industry. The centralized feeding system can flexibly change the feeding volume according to the production volume of different molding machines. Adopt a variety of material supply pipeline design, which can meet the requirements for diversification of main materials.

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